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ADAMICU is a complete electronic manufacturer specializing in the manufacturing of custom industrial connector and cable assemblies. ADAMICU wholesale cables and connectors, offering custom assembly solutions that include servo motor cable, industrial camera cable, combo d-sub connector, circular cable ,scsi connector and other industrial connector/cable designed to your specific application. We will provide you with the highest quality product with the Best service available at the lowest possible price!

Looking forward to the future,we will spare no effort to developing our products,keeping product quality.And will continue the spirit of "quality first, customer first",to create a bright future with all customers.

Servo Motor Cable
Panasonic, Delta, Mitsubishi, Fuji and other brands servo system dedicated servo motor cable, widely used in CNC metal cutting machine tools, medical equipment, industrial robots fields
Industrial Camera
Samsung, SONY, Hitachi, Sentech and other industrial cameras dedicated USB cable, Camera link cable, IEEE 1394 cable, SCSI cable
Various cables and connectors are applied on medical equipment, servo motor cable and circular connector are widely used
Circular connectors are widely used in industrial sensors, the field of communication equipment
Medical Equipment
Communication Equipment
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